Project identification: GINOP-1.2.8-2020-01603

Title of project: “Introduction of modernistic technologies at G-N-SZ Ltd”
Volume of subvention: 75 000 000 HUF
Extent of support: 59,85%
Completion date of project: 12.06.2021
Beneficiary: “G-N-SZ” Designer Ltd”

Our Company – taking into consideration the needs necessary for a competitive operation – has implemented several investments with the help of available subventions; see below:

  • 1 pc AQ-12-950 Pneumatic machine
  • 1 pc Dell EMC PowerEdge Server, R340 rack QCX E-2244G 3.8GHz 32GB 2x4TB
  • H330 configuration with virtual performance
  • 3 pcs Notebooks, HP OMEN 17,3” FHD C17-10750H, 16GB, 512GB SSD, NVIDIA GF 2060 6GB W10Pro
  • 1 pc Wenzel LH6.7,5.5 3D coordinate measuring unit
  • 1 pc AgleCharmilles CUT E 600 electrical discharge machine
  • 1 pc HC CPCD100-XW75G diesel forklift, max. load 10 tons
  • 1 pc 10/5Tons/ 11,7mts, SWF NOVA NSC type overhead crane

New, up-to-date lighting system has been implemented in the offices and in the workshop area between 2010 and 2012. As a result of these investments new, up-to-date technologies are supporting the tool production enabling to increase the size ranges.

Project identification: GINOP-1.2.1-16-2017-00085

Project  identification:  GINOP-1.2.1-16-2017-00085
Title of project : Purchase of modern production devices and building of new tool-making workshop for GNSZ Ltd at site Nemesvámos.
Volume of subvention:HUF 290 239 236
Extent of support: 45%
Completion date: 30.10.2019
Beneficiary: “G-N-SZ Designer Ltd”

Presentation of project: our company increased his production capacity and updated his production technology by purchase of 5 pcs modern shaping machines, NX design software and building a new, modern workshop in Nemesvámos. The latter is a new workshop with 1120,55 m2 floorspace, and a two-level building for offices and social places.

  • 5 pcs NX/CAM Express Foundation designer-software
  • 1 pc NX/Mach3 Progressive Die Design designer-software
  • 8 pcs NX/Mach Designer – Node Locked designer software
  • 1 pc CNC electrical discharge machine (SODICK ALC600G Premium),
  • 1 pc TRUMPF CNC laser cutter (TruLaser Cell 7020 (L31),
  • 1 pc automatic shaping system (Consists of type Mikron Mill S 600 U milling machine; AgleCharmilles FORM P 600 electrical block discharge machine, SYSTEM 3R servicing robot which create an automatic production cell together with the control software.
  • As a result of these investments, we could increase our competitiveness not only within Hungary but also abroad. Beside this we could increase our staff by 5.

Project identification: GINOP-2.1.8-17-2018-01763

Title of project: Purchase of a high-tech MAZAK  turning center for the “G-N-SZ Ltd”
Volume of subvention: 15 000 000 HUF
Extent of support: 42,8%
Completion date: 15.10.2018
Beneficiary: G-N-SZ Ltd

Presentation of the project: By purchasing the new Mazak Quick Turn 250 MAL Smooth CNC turning center we could achieve an important technological step forward for the shaping of complex cylindrical parts. Through this way we could increase our potential for the automated and quick production of more complicated parts with higher accuracy ranges.

Project identification: GINOP-5.2.4-16-2017-02152

Title of project: Trainee-program at “G-N-SZ” Ltd
Volume of subvention: 14 395 152 HUF
Extent of support: 100%
Completion date: 26.12.2018
Beneficiary: “G-N-SZ” Designer Ltd

Presentation of the project: Within the frame of this project we have employed 4 staff and purchased various devices. Within the frame of the project, we have employed mentors to achieve the development of the trainees and obtain practical knowledge to be used in their job.

Project identification: GINOP-5.3.2-16-2016-00154

Title of project: Introduction of flexitime at the “G-N-SZ” Designer Ltd
Volume of subvention: 13 648 000 HUF
Extent of support: 100%
Completion date: 28.02.2018
Beneficiary: “G-N-SZ” Designer Ltd

Presentation of the project: The flexi-time project of our company has been finished where we reorganized some scopes of activities and extended the employment. As a first step we have reorganized seven activities from the traditional fix working time to flexitime in connection with the purchase of the necessary IT devices and software for remote access also has been done. It has been very important to find and the longterm employment of local, well-educated workforce and to achieve this, the present project has been very useful. Beside the development of the efficient working culture and the introduction of the flextime in our company we also organized some contact builder trainings and workshops as well within the frame of this project.

Project identification: GINOP-1.2.1-15-2015-00182

Title of project: Implementation of production expansion in the company G-N-SZ Designer Ltd.
Volume of subvention: 81 296 956 HUF
Extent of support: 45%
Completion date: 03.11.2016

Presentation of the project: The following machines and devices has been purchased within the frame of this project, supported by the European Union as well: Tubular electric discharge cutting machine, type Mitsubishi MV2400S, monoBlock universal shaping center, type Deckel Maho DMU75 coordinate measuring arm and laser -scanner package. With help of these investments, we could take out the requisition of services of some previous subcontractors thus having increased our competitiveness.  By purchasing new measuring devices, we could shorten the time of controls and has been an important support of the production. The putting into operation of these modern and high tec machines and devices contributed to boost our competitiveness.

Project identification: GINOP-1.2.1-14-2014-00099

Title of project: Purchase of CNC milling machine and EDM machine
Volume of subvention: 98 760 360 HUF
Extent of support: 45%
Completion date: 15.11.2015

Presentation of the project: Through this investment and the purchase of two new and modern machine-tools we could produce larger-size tools at higher technical level, mainly for export (EU markets). These two machines contributed much to the increase of our production capacity and our revenue. One of the machines, the DECKEL MAHO DMF260 universal CNC milling machine-center belongs to the most up-to-date machines, a mixture of IT-and the conventional production technologies.
The other machine, the Mitsubishi MV2400S type tubular EDM machine is also representing the most modern technology. They both contribute much to the professional shaping works and the cost-effective production.        


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