Automatic production cell


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    Elements of the automated production cell

    In our automatic cells – using with zero-point system – we undertake the production of active parts of tools along with the finishing/smoothing operations and the cutting of electrodes. The milling and wire EDM is at micron accuracy and up to 5 pallets the pre-programmed, automatic production will be implemented in a robotic-controlled, closed production cell, the milling done by HSC-type machine up to 62 HRC temper.

    AgieCharmilles FORM FORM P 600 block electrical discharge

    Maximum table size: 750×600 mm
    Maximum wight of workpiece: 1600 kg
    Maximum size of workpiece: 1040×730×410 mm
    Axis motion: 600×400×450 mm

    The FORM P 600 machine is fitted with an Intelligent Speed Power Generator (ISPG) which, using patented technologies, establishes new standards in surface quality, material removal and accuracy of form. Electrode wear is reduced in all machining operations, from roughing to finishing, with copper or graphite electrodes. Productivity shows an average increase of 30 percent, and can even reach 100 percent for premilled forms. Even in the presence of deep, narrow cavities, with poor flushing conditions, a 50 percent increase in erosion speed can be obtained with no increase in electrode wear.

    System 3R Transformer robot

    System 3R Transformer robot with 1500 mm arm reach and 150 kgs bearing capacity. Gripper arm for pallet. Electrode clamping arm, space for 5 pallets. Software: Cell Manager software for 3 machines, milling, EDM, testing machines, including: Work center SQL database, ID reading, Quick scanner, PC

    Mikron MILL S 600 U 5-tengelyes HSC marógép, emulziós megmunkálásra is

    Maximum table size: 350×350 mm
    Maximum speed of spindle (n): 42 000 ford./perc
    Speedometer: 60 m/min
    Toolholding E40-es
    Control: Heidenhein ITNC530