Design of injection molding tools


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    We have more than 20 years experience in the design and manufacturing of injection molding tools!

    We also undertake the design and production of injection molding tools. We take the type of and the characteristics of plastic materials into consideration during the production process along with the planned lifespan of the tool and the planned quantity of the manufactured parts as well. Our designers will design the injection molding tools in collation and cooperation with you. 


    Project management

    Our project team – speaking multiple languages - is responsible for the daily contact and the overall coordination of projects from ordering the tool until the handover of it.

    Tool design and simulation

    There are 10 full-time in-house tool designers working at our company. We use CAD/CAM software (NX8,5 and AUTOCAD) for designing. In case of the geometrical shape of the part our colleagues can prepare a simulation analysis even in the quote phase on the feasibility options of the part. We use the AUTOFORM R6 software for simulation.

    Production management system

    Our company is using a product management system software, called QAID for the follow up of products, which is a software uniquely designed for manufacturing companies. This system follows-up all items starting from the initial enquiry up to the recalculation of the readymade product.

    Own material stock

    To fulfil our customers’ requirements and to achieve a possible short lead time, we hold reasonable consignment material stocks at our site, thus, to avoid waiting times for material deliveries from third parties in urgent cases.

    Modern CNC shaping machines

    The necessary programs for the shaping works are done with a modern 3D CAD/CAM software (PowerMill 13,1). Our factory has 11 pcs of CNC DECKEL and HURCO machines, out of which one machine a portal milling machine and 3 of them are 5 axis shaping machines. Beside this we have 5 pieces of MISUBUSHI wire extruder machines.

    Toolmaking and assembly

    Our experienced toolmaking staff responsible for the assembly of the manufacturing products designed and produced by us. We have a staff of 14 people working as toolmakers, in 2 shifts. We have all the necessary, good quality tools for creating high quality and precise tools for our customers. Due to our technical conditions, we can fit parts together up to 10 tons gross.

    Tool tryout

    Until handing over products, designed by our company, the first tests of tools and the optimization of tool try-outs are done with 500 tons eccentric press machine.

    Quality assurance

    The qualification of the parts produced by our tools are done on our WENZEL type 3D CMM measuring device. This process is supported by a NIKON 3D scanner and a profile projector as well.

    Delivery / HLTO support

    We can deliver our products to your company premises up to 6 tons with our own trucks.