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Our passion is toolmaking! Are you ready to work with us?


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Our company’s main profile is tool design and tool manufacturing of stamping and injection molding tools.

The parts manufactured with our tools are mainly used by the car-, and electronic industries. The deep knowledge of our customers’ needs and the continuous development or our company are the main reasons for our 20 years of success in this industry.

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Let’s peek at the life of a tool design and tool manufacturing site! 90 of our professional colleagues are working on to fulfill our customers’ needs at a high technological level.



Our company is undertaking the design and manufacturing of stamping tools, supported by an efficient production management process, own material stock, modern manufacturing machines and a strong expert-team of 90 people. We provide test-pressing, qualifying and delivery services too.  Are you looking for a turnkey solution for manufacturing stamping tools? You have found it! Contact us for more! 


We are undertaking the design and production of injection-moulding tools. During the production process we are taking the type and characteristics of the plastic materials to be used into consideration, along with the planned life span and required quantity of the manufactured parts too. Our designer colleagues will design the injection-molding tools in collation and consultation with you. Have more questions? Write us!

In our automatic cells we also take on the production of active parts of tools with its finishing smoothing operations and the cutting of electrodes with zero-point system. The milling, and wire EDM will be at micron accuracy and up to 5 pallets can be pre-programmed. We implement automatic production in our robotic-controlled, closed production-cell. The milling is done by our HSC-type machine up to 62 HRC temper. Write us for a quote!

We undertake sheet-cutting, thick-plate cutting, cutting of formed plates; we also do simultaneously 5 axis lasers cutting and normal welding too. Working range: 2000 x1500x650 mm, 2D flat surface respectively 3D works up to 4 mm thickness), steel (up to 8 mm thickness) and coated plates. Have an upcoming project? Donot hezitate to contact us!


In recent times laser welding is considered as a widely used process in several industrial areas where accuracy and high productivity is required. The laser welding process using no added materials, because of this it’s surpasses the traditional welding methods by its rapidity, thin joints, and strength. Looking for a laser welding partner? We are here to help!


Our company is undertaking feasibility studies and measurement projects up to 3200×2000 mm size as well. In case of lack of documentation of the parts we create the layout of parts or we also control- measure the ready parts to assure proper quality. We undertake measurement projects up to the above size or the creation of feasibility studies of existing blueprints of parts. Need help in feasibility studies? Write us!


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Looking for a job?

Are you looking for new challenges? Be an acknwoledged member of our team. Browse our job offers and apply! We are eager to hear from you!


Quality assurance

Our goal is to produce high quality tools and parts and to provide an excellent service to our customers along with protection our environment!



Our colleagues are well-trained and seasoned professionals. We work with 90 employees amongst our colleagues we work with 10 in-house designers.

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The management of GNSZ Ltd. is devoted towards quality assurance, environmental protection and the continuous development of our controlling system.