Laser welding


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    Laser welding technology is getting more popular!

    This technology in production processes has become increasingly popular in recent years because it does not require post-processing and is a technology with a concentrated heat input.

    With laser welding, all types of metals can be welded in a very sophisticated way, even in the range of microns, and the resulting seam forms a completely homogeneous surface and structure with the original material.

    It is a special bulk welding process in which the laser beam is guided optically to the surface of the workpiece to be welded. The absorption of the beam creates the amount of heat required for welding. Thus, there is no mechanical or electrical contact between the workpiece and the laser beam during the procedure.


    • slight warping,
    • speed
    • flexibility
    • fine welding seams

    The range of weldable materials is very wide:

    • steels of different hardness, stainless steels,
    • aluminium,
    • copper,
    • nickel,
    • titanium,
    • mold-max

    During laser welding, little heat is generated, so the piece to be welded is not deformed and requires little post-work. Contact our colleagues if you are interested in laser welding!