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    This guideline contains the devotion and principles towards quality and environment of the management of „GNSZ Tool Design Ltd. Our goal is to produce high quality tools and parts and to provide an excellent set of services to of our business partners during our operation. We focus on quality and the protection of our environment.

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    The management of GNSZ Ltd is comitted to...

     …fulfill quality and environmental standards and the development of our management system.

    Our commitment regarding the environmental issues covering the concerning laws, and official regulations as well as the reducing of environmental pressures.

    • We continuously increase the satisfaction of our customers.  To win new customers and to retain our old ones is to provide constant quality in producing tools and parts fulfilling our customers’ needs. We are always ready to satisfy customers’ needs at the highest level. During the R&D process we collaborate closely with our customer taking their suggestions and needs into consideration.

    • We endeavor to increase our competitiveness and efficiency in accordancen with the expectations of our owner and to ensure that the GNSZ Ltd company name should remain a guarantee for high quality products.

    • We provide our employees a fastidious and cultured working environment. All employees contribute to the continuous development and increase of competitiveness of the company through his/her activities.

    • We are in daily contact with our suppliers regarding quality improvement and reducing the environmental pressures. We require the compliance with the environmental requirements from our suppliers. 

    • Our company has responsibility to the social environment as well. Besides our compulsory social activity, we support the local municipality, various sport programs and local health institutions. 

    • Our environmental activities target the following areas: 


      • The reduction of the consumption of natural resources and energy 
      • The reduction of the quantity of hazardous materials in our production processes
      • Application of modern methods and devices for collection of hazardous waste
      • Selective waste collection on our sites


    Written by: Mónika Vers, Quality and Environmental Leader
    Audited by: Ákos Husvéth, Leader of the Design office
    Approved by: Gyula Gergely , Managing Director

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